Monday, May 10, 2010

May Project Pre Writing

I'm going to do a life story video. The first thing I'll need to do is scan all of my older pictures onto our computer, and save them. Then I'll need to locate any pictures that already are on my computer. I will need to decide how long it will be, and how many pictures there will be. Will i concentrate on early life or more recent events. Should there be a more central theme, or just whatever? It will need good backup music, which will include that vitamin C song at the end and maybe good riddance by green day in the middle. I will have to make sure i get all this done quickly enough so i can use other technologies as well in this class, and not just use all the time on the video. This could really become a neat project if i can do it right. I think one thing that may slow it up is if all my baby pictures and sports pictures are already in an album permanently, but that's all i can think of. There are thousands of pictures of me so i shouldn't have much of a problem with finding good pictures. I hope this turns out as well as it is in my head. One last thing, will there be any captions on the photos?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Colabrative writing thoughts.

This assignment was very interesting. with all the use of technology i really learned something. Not only did we have to work together, but with the technology to make our story what it is. I like doing collaborative things like this because it always seems like people are more creative then me so i like to hear what their ideas are, and then help them develop these ideas. Although our story could be better, i thought the overall project was a success with all the technology we used and how quickly we put it together. I also liked at the end reading the other stories. Especially the narratives. There's something interesting about reading about other peoples lives. We all want to know what's going on in others lives, and the best way to find out is through reading their thoughts because they are more honest in their writing. Definitely continue to do this project in the future. Maybe a suggestion would be to do all short narratives like that one group did, then everyone edit them on google docs or something. Although the children's books and short story were okay the narratives were better.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Government AP test

Yesterday i took the AP government test. I can't disclose any information about the test itself, but i can talk about how i think i did. I hope and think i got a four on it which is what i need for college credit at St. Olaf. The FRQ's weren't as bad as some of the practice ones and i feel i did pretty well on all four of them. The multiple choice was very similar to the practice tests we took in terms of content which was to be expected. I definitely had enough time for both parts, but especially for the FRQ's. I finished my last FRQ with like 40 minutes left, and i wasn't the only one to be done that early. Seemingly everyone was done with at least 10 minutes left. For the multiple choice i finished with about 10 minutes left, and had time to go back and look over answers i was unsure of. Overall i hope i did well, we find out in July so fingers crossed!

Friday, April 30, 2010

4-29 Vs. Chanhassen

Yesterday we played Chanhassen at Chanhassen. We won 6-3. On the Bus trip to the field we all ate sandwiches that Michael's mom had made for us. When we got there we walked to the field to find a great venue for baseball. They had a grandstand that would be nearly full at games end. Although it looked like it could me possibly stormy the rain held off and after about the third inning the sun was out to stay. I started pitching and went 5 2/3 innings. They weren't a great team so we got 2 of our younger relievers work at the end of the game. As for my stats: 1 ER; 7 K's; 5 H; 0 BB. My change-up was working really well and i made a lot of people miss on it yesterday. As for our hitters, we crushed the ball. Not only did we have countless smashes to the wall, but we also had several screaming line drives that were hit right at their outfielders. We're starting to really hit the ball which will be important in our upcoming games against Eden Prairie on monday, and Burnsville on wednesday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

collaborative Free Writing

For our Collaborative Writing i think we should do some sort of fictional short story that involves everyone writing a page. I think maybe Mr. Krebs should start off with the first page and then we should all just add one page of our own after someone elses to keep the story going. It's like an elementary school game where you each add on to the last part of the story, but i think if we take it seriously we should be able to come up with a pretty good story. We have some creative people in here. I don't know what to write I don't know whayt to write I don't know what to write. If we wanted to do a kids book then each person could make an illustration to go along with there part of the story. I don't think we couldall write our parts of the story at the same time because it wouldn't flow very well. If we snake it around the room and everyone has a chance to read what was written before them they'll have a better idea of what they should write. my wrist hurts from typing...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Focused Free Writing: Future of Media

Today in the video that we watched there was a lot of things going on and it was sort of hard to digest what was happening. It seems like the begining things about copyright and newspapers going away was true. I know several papers in the US have been shut down because they can't compete with the web. With the copyright and illegal music downloads, i know in london and other countries they are punishing people very severely when they get caught downloading illegaly. I don't think TV will be replaced, at least not in the near future. There have been so many advances in it, and there are still more to be had like 3D broadcasts and such. The avatar's seemed pretty farfetched. While i can see social networking continuing to grow i don't think it will get that far. People won't stop living their real lives to be in a virtual one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Email Etiquette Notes

  • Include a meaningful subject line
  • use proper punctuation, spelling, capitalization
  • Spell Check, compose in Word, Copy paste into email
  • Humor is hard to interpret in written form, be careful
  • Respond quickly, okay to answer list in a list
  • Trim back bottom if you keep responding back and forth
  • Be careful with reply all/forwarding